Create your perspnal dashboards and data reports with
generatvie AI in seconds´╝ü

Impress your customers with GenAl analytics: chat with data, craft sleek charts, and download insightful reports on demand. Win more clients, no lengthy development or hefty staffing required.



Query data in natural language and get lightning-fast insights!

Ask free form data questions through large language models, and no need to learn SQL any more!

Domain Expert AI

Fine-tuned LLM to better understand your query.

Customized Domain Expertise.
Designed to comprehend and respond to inquiries relevant to your domain.
Exceptional AI Accuracy.
Our advanced AI-driven query generator, refined through sample queries and user feedback, delivers exceptional accuracy.

Data Visualization Collaboration

Teamwork for data-driven succes

Generate swift insights through visualization.
Convert your data into easily understood graphics that facilitate prompt examination and choices backed by data.
Whiteboard solution for fast query management.
Efficiently collaborate with your data team using AlgForce's whiteboard solution, designed for quick query management.

Robust Privacy

Advanced data protection and compatibility

Rigorous Privacy Security.
Designed for strict privacy protection, keep your data securely on your server while preserving the confidentiality and integrity of your valuable information.
Comprehensive Database Compatibility.
Adaptable to all major databases and data warehouses.

Activate the data-driven force of frontline employees

Zero-barrier conversational experience, achieving democratization of data access, and enabling broader and more efficient release of data value.

  • Sales

    Get sales trends, product performance, customer behavior, customer preferences, sales indicators, etc
    Help make smarter sales decisions, provide personalized sales and recommendations, track sales progress, and adjust strategies in a timely manner
  • Marketing

    Get customer data, market trends, consumer behavior, channel data, marketing data, and other information
    Help develop marketing strategies, optimize advertising placement and marketing activities, optimize resource allocation and decision-making, etc
  • Customer Service

    Get customer information, historical records, customer behavior and conversion data, feedback and evaluation data, and other information
    Help provide personalized services and support, make correct service decisions, improve service quality and customer satisfaction, etc

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